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Trisomy 18

Breann’s Story

“God sure had a plan, and he sent Seth into our lives to save us. Seth is truly a gift from God. Seth was a sacrifice, and Seth was our salvation. Although it is extremely hard most days, I will never regret carrying him. I would not choose differently.”

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Marilyn’s Story

“We had already chosen her name, Ha’ani, which means “this day” in Chamoru. Whatever time God would bless us to have with her, we were going to embrace. I prayed for strength to make it through whatever would come, and selfishly, I prayed for a miracle.”

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Abbey’s Story

“There is a reason why she was supposed to come to earth to receive a body and return to heaven quicker than the rest of us. Someone had to do it and I’m so glad that God picked my husband and me.”

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