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Tools and Resources to Support Your Journey

As a woman facing a diagnosis of a life-limiting condition, you want to ensure you have all the information to make the best choices for your family. Carrying To Term offers you a wealth of non-directive and evidence-based knowledge, resources, and tools to aid in your understanding of pregnancy continuation. 


Created with Compassion

Searching the internet for information can be triggering.
Our resources are developed using language sensitive to a grieving parent and their emotions.

Diagnosis Glossary Icon

Diagnosis Glossary

This trigger-conscious resource was created to help you grow your knowledge of diagnoses and relevant terminology with the goal of enhancing doctor-patient conversations.

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Make an Online Birth Plan

When you’re ready, this tool will guide you through creating, saving, and downloading a birth plan to share with your care team.

Downloadable FAQ icon

Downloadable FAQ

This list of questions can help you gather the information you need during your next doctor’s appointment.

Email Template

Navigating pregnancy continuation at work can be difficult. To help, we’ve prepared an email template for informing your work family and expressing your needs.


Six Essential Reads

Six recommended articles to help guide women through every stage of the carrying-to-term journey, plus guidance for loved ones supporting them. For a complete list of all articles, please visit our content hub.

The Choice to Carry to Term: Embracing and Celebrating Your Baby

Information to help you navigate your decision and understand the pain, joy, and other complex emotions you may experience on this path.


Life-Limiting: Understanding the Terminology

A deeper explanation of what life-limiting means and how it differs from other terms healthcare professionals might use to describe your baby’s condition.


Preparing for Appointments Following Diagnosis

A supportive guide to help you understand what to expect during appointments following a diagnosis and how to best prepare.


Your Multidisciplinary Care Team

An explanation of the medical community you may work with throughout your pregnancy and what each role entails.


Counseling and Support

Information about different types of counseling and support available to women navigating the carrying-to-term journey.


Self-Care for Parents

Practical guidance on making time for self-care and nurturing your mind and body as you work through your grief.



You’re Not Alone

A collection of stories from families who can relate to your experiences. Visit our stories page to read more, or submit your own.

Andy and Stephanie’s Story

“I was learning that when struck with the unimaginable you will never be the same, you will be changed. You will never love the same, you will love better. Our bond with Grace only strengthened and our love was fierce for her.”

Teal Baby Footprints

Hannah W.’s Story

So as I navigate life now, sometimes feeling paralyzed by a future without Abel, I am reminded of his name and meaning. Putting them together feels awfully fitting. Breathing laughter into existence. Finding joy in the pain. Trusting God in the middle of darkness.

Geoff and Toni’s Story

I just remember the doctor was talking and it just sunk in that our baby was not going to live. I didn’t know what that looked like and it just felt like it was a huge punch to my gut. I don’t really remember the drive home. I know I was crying a lot.