During a routine 12-week ultrasound, Stephanie and Andy Schoonover received a prenatal diagnosis of a life-limiting condition that would not only take their daughter's life from theirs, but stole a lifetime of hopes and dreams in a matter of moments. They spent the remaining of Stephanie’s pregnancy devoted to loving their daughter, Grace, and making memories together for the duration of the time they were given with her.

Stephanie experienced an unspeakable joy while carrying Grace and recognized there was a desperate need for an accessible resource to help women and families navigate the months ahead. While they were supported well, Stephanie found there was a shortage of available information to online resources for pregnancy continuation which led her to found the non-profit Carrying To Term. Stephanie gathered a team of smart, creative talent to build an online space that would connect and fill this gap.

Carrying To Term was born with a dedication to broadening access to non-directive support resources for prenatal diagnoses of life-limiting conditions.

Today Stephanie and Andy reside in Austin, Texas, where they are devoted parents to their two younger daughters, along with Grace’s legacy, and their pup. Their story and memories are blessings that endure. To read more about Stephanie and Andy’s story of carrying Grace, please visit here.



Executive Director & Founder

As the Executive Director and Founder of Carrying To Term, Stephanie runs the day-to-day management of the organization and is responsible for the vision and execution of the organization’s mission as it expands across the country.

A Cincinnati, Ohio native, Stephanie graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Business degree and spent her career managing commercial real estate deals for two Fortune 500 companies prior to launching Carrying To Term.

Today, Stephanie and her husband reside in Austin, Texas, where they are devoted parents to their two younger daughters, along with Grace’s legacy, and their pup.

Stephanie can be reached at info@carryingtoterm.org.