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We are happy to share new resources and information that continue to become available to our community. We are dedicated to publishing them regularly on our blog, so you will always have a place to learn the latest and feel supported.

Support and Communication

The Power of Language

As the experts and care providers, parents look to you for knowledge, medical care, and support. The language you use to communicate the diagnosis shapes how heard, supported, and validated a parent feels.

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Communicating as a Couple: Advice for Men

What you and your significant other are experiencing is not an easy process, so it makes sense that you might experience some breakdowns in communication and, as a result, some conflicts.

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

This day is about pausing to hold space for the babies whose lives ended too soon. It is about entering in and remembering the parents, their love for their child, and their desire to honor that baby.

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Agency and Voice: How To Advocate Well

Agency is the ability or capacity a person has to act within an environment or a given set of circumstances. Medical professionals, you are a major character in the worst moments a family’s life, and that role comes with tremendous responsibility.

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