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Andy’s Advice for Fathers (VIDEO)

How do you make the most of your time with your little one while caring for your wife and self? Andy shares how he learned to live in each moment by being selfless and giving. Watch Andy and Stephanie’s story here.


Andy Schoonover:
I think I have two pieces of advice. One is, be present in the moment. You can get hung up on what’s going to happen, what’s going to happen a month from now or nine months from now or however long. And my philosophy is I can’t control what happens six or nine months from now. Only God can control that. And so if I can live in the present, if I can worry about today, how do I make today a really good day with my wife and my daughter? Or in their case, their wife and their son or whoever it may be? Be present, be in the moment right now.

The second is, is I would do things that you would do with your son or daughter normally. In terms of grace, we went to the playground. Like that’s the thing that I dream about doing with my kids is just taking them to the playground. If it’s going to a baseball game or whatever it is, I’d say do it. Do it with your little one because you may not have the ability to do that later. And so just live in the moment with your little one and do what you would normally do with them.

Inevitably, when a husband and wife go through this experience, there is a focus by society in general to feel really bad for the wife, which is right, I think is right. The wife has to go through this emotional and physical sacrifice to have this child, and you won’t get that attention. You do have to kind of do it on your own and just be prepared for that and still through that be able to support your wife in a way that is selfless and giving, and it’s a perfect opportunity for you to serve, to serve your wife.