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Renal Agenesis

Geoff and Toni’s Story

I just remember the doctor was talking and it just sunk in that our baby was not going to live. I didn’t know what that looked like and it just feeling like it was a huge punch to my gut. I don’t really remember the drive home. I know I was crying a lot.

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Jessica’s Story

They started the ultrasound and I kept thinking, when is she going to say something and when will we get to see the profile of our baby—what is going on?

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Christina’s Story

“I could feel my son kicking as they told us that it appeared as though he did not have any kidneys. I was in complete shock. I could not believe what was being said.”

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Kirsten’s Story

“This little girl, who never even took a breath of air, transformed my life so dramatically and helped me reconnect with the truth of my life: people have always turned to me to aid in their healing.”

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