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We are happy to share new resources and information that continue to become available to our community. We are dedicated to publishing them regularly on our blog, so you will always have a place to learn the latest and feel supported.


Elizabeth and Gaui’s Story

“Our doctors were very doubtful that our son would make it to term, let alone twenty weeks, due to all the problems he had. Yet, our son was kicking away, letting me know that he was still there with me.”

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Emma-Leigh’s Story

“I am so thankful that I had my Emmy, because giving birth to her made her real and valid. She was ours, and she is still ours. We miss her so much, and we can’t wait to see her again one glorious day.”

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Laura’s Story

“Our decision to carry to term has changed our lives immeasurably. Though I finally knew what it felt like to carry a child, I would not have known the joy of being a mother had I not carried to term.”

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